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To TP to island on SL, click Sim/ Island name
It takes 24 hours for the map to show new sims. Within this time, you can still reach a sim by logging on directly to it (just type the sim name as your start location on the logon screen)
To buy island, go to 'About Land...' and click 'Buy Land...'
The price you pay while buying is your FIRST WEEK TIER PAYMENT for the sim/ island

  • You DO NOT need a Premium Second Life account for buying
  • Residential as well as commercial use allowed
  • Islands are sold WITHOUT covenant/ restrictions
  • You have access to estate tools
  • For 20,000prim and 30,000prim sims (Full prim sims), you become the Estate Owner
  • For 5,000prim sims (Homesteads), you become an Estate Manager
  • You can appoint your own Estate Managers (max 15)
  • You have FULL control over ALL land settings
  • You can restart your sim anytime by yourself
  • You get FULL Terraform rights (+/- 100m)
  • You can choose your own ground textures
  • You can subdivide your island as you wish for your own personal use or for selling/ renting out parcels on it and collecting tier/ rental fees from your tenants
  • You can set the maximum number of avatars allowed on your island
  • You can limit access to your island and even make it private
  • You can resell your island anytime and at any price


For any info, please IM Sirux Mahoney in-world

or email Sirux Mahoney

.* All prices are based on current LindeX exchange rates, and hence subject to change without prior notice.

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